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Florida Fall Foliage and Pumpkin Carving

We don't get much fall foliage here in Northeastern Florida and fall colors are my favorite. So right now, I've filled the house with reds, yellows and oranges. This is my coffee table candle arrangement that I made which brings me great joy especially when surrounded by my wonderful family and friends.

It's Saturday night and the kids decided to carve their pumpkins in the kitchen because there were too many mosquitos outside. After bringing them in, they discovered that the pumpkin carving tools were missing so Beau and Brenna made a quick run to the store and bought a
battery operated cutting tool that made short work of their pumpkin creations.

Logan decided to make his a baby pumpkin being eaten by the bigger pumpkin.

Brenna did a more traditional pumpkin face while cool boyfriend, Beau, carved his and Brenna's initials in his pumpkin.

Brenna roasted the pumpkin seeds, Broc made some cookies and we watched the Colorado Rockies play the Red Sox for awhile as the kids fo…

Brenna's New Venture

Brenna went to an altered t-shirt workshop at Not Back to School Camp in September and enjoyed it so much that she came home and started making t-shirts. First, she altered some of her own, then some of the family shirts and has moved on to possibly making some for profit. She used birthday money and gift cards for capital to buy t-shirts and materials and has been quite busy making unique shirts and bags. She recently posted some on her Etsy spot and is going to set up a booth at one of our local fall festivals in a couple of weeks to see what might sell. She found shirts at local thrift and consignment stores and is having so much fun making them. They'll make great gifts even if they don't sell. I took lots of pictures of the different designs with her as a model. She wanted just the shirt to show for most of them but here's a couple of pictures face and all!

Nest Boxes for Doodle and Artemis

After Logan's last soccer game of the season, we decided to build the nest boxes in the chicken coops for our two hens. Currently, Artemis is laying her eggs under a bush and it shouldn't be too much longer before Doodle begins laying.

Broc designed the nest boxes for easy access to gather the eggs without needing to crawl inside the coop. He added a high roost inside and two nestt boxes that we filled with straw in hopes that they may lay eggs in a convenient spot!

Logan was busy much of the day playing a game on his Wii but came out to admire the nest boxes and pose for a picture with Broc sticking his head up through one of them.

We're working on a name for the chicken coop and tomorrow I'm planning on doing some finishing touches.

Congratulations! It's a Rooster

It's official! J.D. is a Rooster. Brenna and I were reading the newspaper this morning when we heard this quiet but definite "Cock-a-doodle-do". We looked up at each other wide-eyed and heard it again. Sure enough, J.D. was out by our hen, Artemis, strutting about and crowing.

We were hoping that our two chicks were both hens but now that we know we have one rooster, we're thinking it might not be so bad. My first clue should have been last evening when J.D. jumped on top of Artemis but I was still in denial at that point.

I had wanted chickens since we went to the Live and Learn Conference in Albuquerque in the Fall of 2006. We visited Jenny to see their strawbale house and just fell in love with their place which included chickens roaming about. I researched the feasibility of having chickens on our 1/3 acre lot, bought some books and in early summer this year, a friend offered to give us a hen and her six newly hatched chicks.

We had part of a fort in our backyard th…

Our Chicken Named Doodle and Me

I should have titled this "Gail puts a picture on her Blog" I'm just thrilled. I borrowed Brenna's laptap and she quickly explained a bit about transferring pictures from the camera to her computer. I truly did not think in a million years that I would be able to make this happen without some help from one of the kids.

I asked Logan to take a couple of pictures of me and loved the one of our chicken "Doodle" with me.
I did ask Logan how to plug the camera into the computer but in less than 20 minutes I was able to put the picture on my Blog. I can't even begin to tell you how cool this is to me.

Just to give some perspective, I have been known to get quite frustrated with computer related tasks and even have struggled with storing numbers in my cell phone. Just starting this blog has been a major undertaking for me and then to be able to put a picture on it just made my day. I'm on a roll now!

I'm Blogging!!

After months of procrastination and many blog entries written in my mind, I'm finally blogging! It's very bare bones but I just wanted to write something and see it on my blog.

I'm so inspired by several other women's blogs and every time I read them or see their pictures, I've thought to myself..."I'm going to start tomorrow!"

So....this is my start. More to come!