Brenna's New Venture

Brenna went to an altered t-shirt workshop at Not Back to School Camp in September and enjoyed it so much that she came home and started making t-shirts.
First, she altered some of her own, then some of the family shirts and has moved on to possibly making some for profit. She used birthday money and gift cards for capital to buy t-shirts and materials and has been quite busy making unique shirts and bags.
She recently posted some on her Etsy spot and is going to set up a booth at one of our local fall festivals in a couple of weeks to see what might sell. She found shirts at local thrift and consignment stores and is having so much fun making them. They'll make great gifts even if they don't sell.
I took lots of pictures of the different designs with her as a model. She wanted just the shirt to show for most of them but here's a couple of pictures face and all!


beth1813 said…
This is so awesome. My daughter also loves altering her clothes. We both enjoyed seeing Brenna's shirts.
kelli said…
What's the name of Brenna's etsy shop? We want to look at the shirts! :)
gail said…
Brenna says it's

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