Congratulations! It's a Rooster

It's official! J.D. is a Rooster. Brenna and I were reading the newspaper this morning when we heard this quiet but definite "Cock-a-doodle-do". We looked up at each other wide-eyed and heard it again. Sure enough, J.D. was out by our hen, Artemis, strutting about and crowing.

We were hoping that our two chicks were both hens but now that we know we have one rooster, we're thinking it might not be so bad. My first clue should have been last evening when J.D. jumped on top of Artemis but I was still in denial at that point.

I had wanted chickens since we went to the Live and Learn Conference in Albuquerque in the Fall of 2006. We visited Jenny to see their strawbale house and just fell in love with their place which included chickens roaming about. I researched the feasibility of having chickens on our 1/3 acre lot, bought some books and in early summer this year, a friend offered to give us a hen and her six newly hatched chicks.

We had part of a fort in our backyard that we thought could be converted to a chicken pen, so we decided to pick up the chicks and just figure it all out as we went along. When we arrived to pick up the chicks, our friend asked if we would also like to take an abandoned chick that had just hatched that day. Brenna was just thrilled as she had wanted a chicken for years so she took custody of the orphan chick and named her "Doodle".

We fixed up the fort as a coop and in the next few weeks we lost 5 of the 6 chicks to a raccoon.
We learned the hard way that raccoons can tunnel under the hardest ground, move boards and bricks and even crawl over an eight foot high fence. Much sadder, but wiser, we now have a chicken coop that is like Fort Knox.

We ended up with the mama hen, Artemis,her one surviving chick that Logan named J.D. (for Just Desserts - I know we're a little warped around here) and Brenna's chick, Doodle, who lived in her room for the first 2 months of it's life.

Recently and to my great delight, Artemis, began laying eggs and we have been like kids at Christmas rushing out to find that one egg a day. Artemis is beautiful brown hen who has been such a great mom and J.D. and Doodle are white with some black and brown flecks of color.

Doodle is a bit like having a pet dog. Since she spent most of her early weeks with Brenna, she runs up to us to be petted and will even jump up on our laps when we are sitting on the back porch. All three chickens have settled into a routine of waking us up 7:00a.m. We let them out to roam all day and they return to their coop close to dusk to be closed up in their raccoon proof home for the night.

I absolutely love them! Even now, that I know J.D. is rooster, I just can't imagine not having chickens in our lives. I guess we'll see how I feel about this all in a few weeks and if the neighbors mind.


tami said…
way cool!!! i love it - (the blog) and i can't wait to hear the rooster crow. it can't be any louder than the train whistles.

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