Our Chicken Named Doodle and Me

I should have titled this "Gail puts a picture on her Blog" I'm just thrilled. I borrowed Brenna's laptap and she quickly explained a bit about transferring pictures from the camera to her computer. I truly did not think in a million years that I would be able to make this happen without some help from one of the kids.

I asked Logan to take a couple of pictures of me and loved the one of our chicken "Doodle" with me.
I did ask Logan how to plug the camera into the computer but in less than 20 minutes I was able to put the picture on my Blog. I can't even begin to tell you how cool this is to me.

Just to give some perspective, I have been known to get quite frustrated with computer related tasks and even have struggled with storing numbers in my cell phone. Just starting this blog has been a major undertaking for me and then to be able to put a picture on it just made my day. I'm on a roll now!


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