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Winter in Florida

I walked out in the front yard this afternoon and took these pictures.

From the redbuds blooming on my drive through Orange Park, to the sunrise early this morning reflecting off the river to these blossoms in my front yard, I am taken aback my these early signs of spring. I just love Florida winters.

My Boy Logan

I love this picture. Our cat, Tessie, curled up beside Logan one morning on the couch and rather than disturb her he just stayed on the couch till she woke up. He always makes time for our animals stopping to pet them and play with them several times a day. He's funny, kind, sensitive, brilliant, generous and that doesn't even begin to describe him. I really love this boy.

Company of Friends

When I die, let them judge me by by company of friends----Let them know me as the footprints that I left upon the sand----Let them laugh for all the laughter---Let them cry for laughter's end---But when I die, let them judge me by my company of friends---Danny Schmidt

We had such a great visit with our friends, Ben, Kelly, Cameron and Duncan Lovejoy, this past week. We joined them for a couple of days at Epcot in Orlando and also got to hang out with them at our house as they were traveling to and from Disney World.

It was a cornucopia of Rock Band, dumpster diving, food, poker, laughter, go-carting, late nights, potato cannon launching and just enjoying our company of friends.

Still back at Christmas with my blogging but I wanted to include this cool picture of the woodpecker bird feeder Broc made for Tami and Joe. I haven't heard from Tami if it's getting any woodpecker visitors but it really looks awesome hanging from the big tree in her back yard. The inspiration for it came from a craft show we visited. It was one of those "I could make one of those" moments that ended up with 17 visits to Home Depot!

Our Solstice Celebration

Playing catch up blogger here!! Logan planned a solstice celebration as he stayed up all night on Solstice Eve in December.

Broc and I slept and got up to find that he had gathered food,candles, flashlight and blankets to head down to the docks and watch the sunrise.

A bit bleary eyed, he was so happy to have us join him on a cloudy December morning. We bundled up and tried to light some candles in the wind to no avail. Sunrise found us watching a fisherman close by in his boat no doubt wondering what in the world we were doing.

The sun rose behind the clouds but we were still happy to have made the trek. Home again, Logan burrowed under his covers to sleep.

All our kids were here!

We were so thrilled to have all our kids with us during the holidays. Drew came for a few days before Christmas and they made 3 potato cannons which led to much potato debris into the St. Johns River enjoyed by both fish and seagulls. During one of their outings, the local sheriff department showed up just to see what all the racket was all about.
Tyler and Lindsay came in right after Christmas to help prolong all the celebrating. They are so wonderful, fun and Tall! Both Tyler and Drew have bypassed Broc in height. And check out this picture of Lindsay! She is so beautiful and we just loved every minute of our time with them all.