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I Think They Want In!

Doodle and Artemis at our back door. In spite of the early morning crowing and Doodle's occasional crankiness, I really do enjoy our chickens. If I open this door, Doodle just walks right in and stands on the rug surveying the premises as if he owns the place.

Flowers, Family, February

February is a tough month for me. It can be cold, rainy and cloudy and I need my sun. I find myself watching for signs of Spring even in January. Here in Florida, I can often find a redbud tree blooming down the street and by now, my house is surrounded by beautiful bright Azaleas.

With family visiting from Colorado, we spent the day at The Ravines State Park where the annual Azalea Festival will be held in two weeks. Lots of blooms and we found a mass of photo opportunities as we hiked through the park.Our outing did wonders for my February blues and hanging out with Uncle Greg and Julie was lots of fun.

A lone rose caught my eye in the midst of all those Azaleas.

Our New Boy

Beau gave Brenna this darling Bear for Valentines Day. He's already part of the family joining us for coffee and even a glass of wine this evening.

He seems quite happy here and might even play a bit of Rock Band or World of Warcraft with us tonight.

Exploring Incremental Living- TaD 9

My Thing-A-Day has no picture today for I've spent the day exploring a different way of looking at how I spend my days.

A few days ago I heard Brenna and her boyfriend, Beau, talking about a project they are planning. They've decided to make Prom clothes out of Duck Tape for a scholarship entry. Brenna was wanting to get started and look at patterns while Beau was wanting to just wait a while and spend some entire days to work on it. Brenna said, "I'm an increment person." Hmmmm. I definitely knew that about her. She works on projects bit by bit every day until they are finished....completely finished.
Some things are just ongoing....She spends a bit of time each day singing usually working on songs for an upcoming performance.

I'm just not an incremental person. I do things in whole chunks. Big chunks involving entire days or weeks until it's done. In college, I wrote entire research papers the night before they were due. I never clean just o…

Thing-A-Day 9

I love this Thing-a-Day! Brenna got a Chia Herb Garden for a present and I found it out it the laundry room. It was just too fun to pass up. Chia Herb Garden in 30 minutes! Amazing!

Dessert before Dinner

The Ice Cream/Cookie Dessert was a hit with Brenna who loves anything involving Blue Bell Ice Cream.

We followed that with some Broccoli Quiche that I made with eggs from our lovely hen, Artemis.

I've decided that I enjoy taking pictures of the food and eating it much more than preparing it!

Fresh garlic, onions, cream, provolone and mozzarella cheese, eggs, broccoli......Yum.....

Thing-a-Day 7 and 8

I picked some Azealas...not for Thing-A-Day but just because I love the color.

Today was figure out taxes day....Yikes! Not much fun but I made up for it by making a Valentines Day Card for Drew and an ice cream/cookie dessert that my mom used to make when I was growing up. Drew's card is in the mail and the ice cream will be ready soon. Hello to Broc in Austin who is visiting Tyler and Linsday this weekend! Love you all. We'll save some ice cream cake for you!

Thing-A-Day 6

Overripe bananas, Moosewood Cookbook, one hour between job locations and Voila! Banana Nut Muffins! Brenna took a few to her friends she was meeting for coffee, Logan was just getting up and had a couple for brunch and I took a couple to Mark when I stopped by to borrow his car. One left tonight and I'm sure it will be gone when I get up in the morning.

Thing-A-Day 5

The inside of a Valentine Card I made for Linsday today. Broc is going to Austin on Friday to see Tyler and Linsday so I'm sending along some fun Valentine goodies.

Thing-A-Day 4

A few weeks ago, Logan and I ordered some organic catnip seeds for our garden in hope that our two cats, Tessie and Ollie, would enjoy having some fresh catnip. We planted our seeds tonight and we should have quite a crop of catnip if they all sprout.

Thing-A-Day 3

Our azaelas are budding so we cleaned up all the vines around them in preparation for the blooms. Watch for another picture in 3 weeks just ablaze with color.

Thing-a-Day 2

Brenna and her boyfriend, Beau are making Duck Tape prom clothes so I borrowed a bit and made a rose. The little one is mine and the kids made the other two.


I'm dusting off my guitar for Day One of Thing-a-Day. Broc gave me this guitar last Christmas and it has gathered dust as it patiently waits for me. Thing-A-Day is a perfect opportunity for me to focus on my creativity for the month of February. Thirty minutes a day to do something creative. I really did dust off the guitar, found some of my guitar books and am very excited about playing it again. Here's to February and new beginnings!