Exploring Incremental Living- TaD 9

My Thing-A-Day has no picture today for I've spent the day exploring a different way of looking at how I spend my days.

A few days ago I heard Brenna and her boyfriend, Beau, talking about a project they are planning. They've decided to make Prom clothes out of Duck Tape for a scholarship entry. Brenna was wanting to get started and look at patterns while Beau was wanting to just wait a while and spend some entire days to work on it. Brenna said, "I'm an increment person." Hmmmm. I definitely knew that about her. She works on projects bit by bit every day until they are finished....completely finished.
Some things are just ongoing....She spends a bit of time each day singing usually working on songs for an upcoming performance.

I'm just not an incremental person. I do things in whole chunks. Big chunks involving entire days or weeks until it's done. In college, I wrote entire research papers the night before they were due. I never clean just one room...it's the entire house and yard in one afternoon. Decorating a room....one day.....until I drop! I tend to postpone things until I have that chunk of time to spend and consequently things that I love doing often go untouched.

So I decided to try Brenna's incremental type living for a day. Instead of doing the big project I had planned for today..(cleaning out both sheds), I tried doing bits of activities I enjoy. I took Bubbles for a 10 minute walk, played my guitar for a while, played around on the piano, took some pictures, raked a few leaves for the compost pile, bought some much needed pants for work and downloaded some love songs on Broc's IPod for Valentines Day. It was quite lovely but weird for me.

Certainly something to ponder. Does Brenna do things bit by bit because she's always been able to choose how she spends her time with unschooling? Or is it just our personality differences?

I do know that by doing this I had so much fun playing around on the guitar and piano and Bubbles so enjoyed her walk. The sheds are still a mess but there's always next weekend.


Deanne said…
Hmmm! Very thought-provoking post. I too like to do "big" things all at once, and it does leave alot of things I want to do by the wayside.

I'm intrigued by this idea, "incremental living". Thanks for sharing. ;)
Cid said…
ditto here....I need to ponder incremental living :) I think, looking over my vast piles of creative messes here and there, that I tend to do it a bit, lol. My problem is the perfectionist in me that says "if I don't have time to do __________ ALL THE WAY and do it well, why start at all". hmmmm
mindy said…
Gail!!! After much computer trouble, I finally made it to your blog! I love it. The pictures are so awesome...I love seeing all of your shining faces!
Sandra Dodd said…
As I was reading what Gail wrote, at first I was thinking "I'm just like Gail," but that was about finishing projects and doing last-minute all-out finishes (thinking of sewing, writing, cleaning).

The description of ten minutes here, ten minutes there, though, I also do that. That's for the living and being, though, not for the finishing.

If I have a project I touch at it a few times and think about it a lot and then DO IT in a long, happy, intense session. I'm doing two new talks for the upcoming conference. No outlines yet, but I'll have them. Ideas, lots, percolating.

I will play piano to three mistakes (like a video "game over" and then go and gather up some things to take to other rooms, and then feed the birds, and then start some bread, and that doesn't bother me at all. I enjoy that. But none of them are serious projects or big jobs.

All that to say I don't think it's the unschooling. I think it's personality.

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