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February is a tough month for me. It can be cold, rainy and cloudy and I need my sun. I find myself watching for signs of Spring even in January. Here in Florida, I can often find a redbud tree blooming down the street and by now, my house is surrounded by beautiful bright Azaleas.

With family visiting from Colorado, we spent the day at The Ravines State Park where the annual Azalea Festival will be held in two weeks. Lots of blooms and we found a mass of photo opportunities as we hiked through the park. Our outing did wonders for my February blues and hanging out with Uncle Greg and Julie was lots of fun.

A lone rose caught my eye in the midst of all those Azaleas.


Deanne said…
Ooooo! That is a beautiful rose. Our azaleas are blooming like crazy too.

I know what you mean about needing the sun. It only takes one cloudy day for me to be reminded of how I DON'T miss living up north. ;P
mindy said…
We never made it to the Azalea Festival...glad to see your pictures. By the way, this is a tag! Check out my blog for the details!

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