Our New Boy

Beau gave Brenna this darling Bear for Valentines Day. He's already part of the family joining us for coffee and even a glass of wine this evening.

He seems quite happy here and might even play a bit of Rock Band or World of Warcraft with us tonight.


Deanne said…
Too cute! I guess wine is what teddies drink when they're past the tea party stage, huh?
gail said…
He's passed out on the couch this morning!

Just read your blog. Very nice! Where are you in Florida?
Deanne said…
Thanks for the compliment. I'm enjoying your blog too.

We are way south of you, I think, in Martin County. (about 1/2 hour north of WPB)

Wasn't there an on-line FL unschooling group started by some L&L attendees? If you know the name/link, I would love to join! ;)

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