I'm dusting off my guitar for Day One of Thing-a-Day. Broc gave me this guitar last Christmas and it has gathered dust as it patiently waits for me.
Thing-A-Day is a perfect opportunity for me to focus on my creativity for the month of February.
Thirty minutes a day to do something creative.
I really did dust off the guitar, found some of my guitar books and am very excited about playing it again.
Here's to February and new beginnings!


Sandra Dodd said…
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Sandra Dodd said…
I definitely need to hang out on the internet more. I didn't realize you had a very cool blog. I just scanned a photo yesterday of me and my new guitar (my new guitar 30 years ago), and so a guitar photo is the best.

I'm going to come back lots to see your thing-a-day month.
gail said…
Thanks, Sandra. I'm on to duck tape creations and playing around a bit on the guitar. Duck Tape is easier!!
Cid said…
WOO's to dusting off instruments for Thing a Day!! I've dusted off the piano and am inspired to play :) Look forward to seeing you TaDs!

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