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You Grab That EGG!

We had a very fun Easter. Brenna and Logan still love looking for eggs even though they are 18 and 15 now so Brenna stuffed 66 plastic eggs that she found in the Easter decoration box. On Saturday night, she hid 33 in the front yard and Logan hid 33 in the back yard to search for on Easter
Sounds like there was a little bit of egg moving going on. Broc overheard that Brenna had kept one egg out of Logan's pile so he "borrowed" one from the back yard and moved it to the front during the night.
However, before all the counting was done, Logan discovered this egg that Brenna had hidden in the middle of a large plant. He decided to just leave it for now until the little black racer had moved on.

Logan at 15

Logan on his new bike. He wanted to go to the beach on this birthday so Mark and I and Logan went to Vilano Beach right outside of St. Augustine for the afternoon. We had the best time finding shark's teeth, watching the seagulls and looking for shells. Brenna made a birthday cake while we were gone and I made chicken fajita's at Logan's request. The bike was a surprise from Broc and I. Turned out to be a perfect day for my boy's 15th birthday.

My Beautiful Girls

Lindsay and Brenna trying on dresses. Brenna has been asked and is considering going to a prom with her boyfriend. Not really her kind of thing but she does love dresses like this. This one was my favorite.
Lovely Lindsay

One of my favorite pictures that I've taken in years. I just love their connection.

Brenna as Dorothy

Brenna played Dorothy in our annual Wizard of Oz Festival this past weekend.
One of the munchkins lives here. I think he's in his 90's and this year 7 other munchkins joined him at the festival signing pictures, books and visiting with the crowd. Brenna was Dorothy and sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".
Some very interesting characters showed up including one woman who drove here from Milwaukee and dressed up as Glenda, The Good Witch wearing a lampshade on her head!

Brenna with her stepsister, Linsday, who is visiting us from Texas for her Spring Break.

My Beautiful Bowl

I absolutely love this bowl. I first saw it on Rue Kream's Etsy site and just kept going back to it. I'm not a shopper and just don't buy things for the most part. But something about the colors and shape of this felted bowl made by Rue just called to me. It came in the mail today and it is so much more than I ever could have imagined. Mystical and beautiful and with a note from Rue that says, "it's made with love"

The swirls and colors and softness are just what I need in my life right now. The bowl is exactly where it needs to be. Thanks Rue.