Brenna as Dorothy

Brenna played Dorothy in our annual Wizard of Oz Festival this past weekend.
One of the munchkins lives here. I think he's in his 90's and this year 7 other munchkins joined him at the festival signing pictures, books and visiting with the crowd. Brenna was Dorothy and sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".
Some very interesting characters showed up including one woman who drove here from Milwaukee and dressed up as Glenda, The Good Witch wearing a lampshade on her head!

Brenna with her stepsister, Linsday, who is visiting us from Texas for her Spring Break.


Madeline said…
So cute! And I bet she does a mean (as in great) "Over the Rainbow"
gail said…
It was really good!! Her voice teacher keeps telling her that it would be a good part time gig while going to college. Apparently, people are always looking for a "Dorothy" to sing. I wanted to put it on YouTube but she said "no way."
Katy said…
Thanks for the comment at my blog. Alamogordo seems so isolated, I always think it is funny when someone even knows of it. I suppose that is silly with the air force base and White Sands though!
I actually met you and your husband briefly at Live and Learn in Albuquerque. Brenna has a wonderful voice, I bet she was an awesome Dorothy!

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