My Beautiful Bowl

I absolutely love this bowl. I first saw it on Rue Kream's Etsy site and just kept going back to it. I'm not a shopper and just don't buy things for the most part. But something about the colors and shape of this felted bowl made by Rue just called to me. It came in the mail today and it is so much more than I ever could have imagined. Mystical and beautiful and with a note from Rue that says, "it's made with love"

The swirls and colors and softness are just what I need in my life right now. The bowl is exactly where it needs to be. Thanks Rue.


kelli said…
It is a beautiful bowl.

And, I've tagged you if you'd like to participate :) you can check my blog for details.
Zenmomma said…
That is lovely!
Sandra Dodd said…
Wow. That IS beautiful!!

I bought a painting recently, and I just hold it and look at it. You and Broc might appreciate it, because it's a picture of the Lobo Theater (by Dee Sanchez, another homeschooling mom, who used to edit "Enchanted Families").
There's the painting! It's only little, but it's perfect.
gail said…
Broc and I both love the painting, Sandra. I know what you mean. I just keep picking up this bowl and admiring it. It's so perfect in our home with a bit of Rue Kream tossed in.

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