You Grab That EGG!

We had a very fun Easter. Brenna and Logan still love looking for eggs even though they are 18 and 15 now so Brenna stuffed 66 plastic eggs that she found in the Easter decoration box. On Saturday night, she hid 33 in the front yard and Logan hid 33 in the back yard to search for on Easter
Sounds like there was a little bit of egg moving going on. Broc overheard that Brenna had kept one egg out of Logan's pile so he "borrowed" one from the back yard and moved it to the front during the night.
However, before all the counting was done, Logan discovered this egg that Brenna had hidden in the middle of a large plant. He decided to just leave it for now until the little black racer had moved on.


Madeline said…
How cool that they still do the hunt. My 12 yr. old niece was so excited at our egg hunt adn I wondered if she'd still be so innocent and sweet even next year.
Schuyler said…
I wonder if black racers like eggs? Maybe he was thinking it was his lucky day?

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