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Brenna and I have been taking a pottery class together this past month with unlimited studio time to work on our pieces outside of class. Brenna is a natural at it while I've had to spend more time learning some of the basics. We've enjoyed it so much that we're taking the next class.
With unschooling, we have had the time to do so many things together these past few years and I treasure them all. With Brenna heading off to college in September about 4 hours away from home, I'm especially feeling so thankful for these times together. Every moment.
Logan's Odyssey of the Mind team won the regional competition in his problem called "Eccentrics" and went to the Florida state competion this past weekend in Orlando. Their 7 member team placed 5th at state in the Division III level which is considered high school. Logan was the narrator in the play and here he is! I took this picture at their dress rehearsal a couple of days before competition. Brenna w…