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Our Full Vision Board

Month's ago, we started a vision board. It's just a small blank magnetic white board on our refrigerator and it quickly filled up with some small and big dreams for visitors, traveling, things that we wanted to bring into our lives. Lately, I've been squeezing in more things because I didn't want to erase the visible reminder of all the wonderful moments when our visions became reality.
We started encircling and decorating those words as they came true and now it looks like this -------
I've been squeezing in some new Mark - Job- Jacksonville in the hopes that Brenna and Logan's dad will get a job here so he doesn't have to move away from the kids. Today, I realized that I wanted to add something and didn't have any more I'm just going to get another board and I can always go back and recycle this one when I'm ready.Brenna just circled her Summer Travel vision when she arrived home from New York on Saturday night and s…

Logan Drives!

Logan got his learners permit today and drove us to the grocery store. I am proud to say that I didn't suck all the air out of the van as he drove and we arrived home safely.

No Solstice Moon Sighting

We drove over the opposite side of the river from our house to see if we could catch a glimpse of the solstice moon. No luck towards the east where the moon was rising because of heavy clouds but we did catch a bit of the sunset above the water. Logan
Linsday and Broc

Brenna's Summer Adventure

Almost Ready

I tried to get a picture of her driving away down our little road but I missed it. Could have been that I was already missing her and couldn't get the camera to work. At the last minute, with hugs and a few tears, we wished her "safe journey" and she headed out.

Brenna has been planning a summer trip for several months and it finally came together for her as she drove north from Jacksonville with plans to be gone for two weeks.

First stop was to spend the night with our friends, Kelly and Ben Lovejoy.
It was only about a five hour drive but she took a bit longer to get better gas mileage. She wanted to completely pay for the trip herself so is on quite a tight budget. She said she had a lovely visit with the Lovejoys with dinner made from food from their amazing garden and yesterday morning headed out for the next leg of her journey.

She drove up through North Carolina and Virgina and arrived at Danielle Conger's home yesterday evening. The Congers have a sma…

Sleep is Good at Life is Good





I just discovered these pictures on our camera. Broc took them early one morning while we were at the Life is Good Conference in Vancouver, Washington a few weeks ago and I thought they were just too beautiful not to post.

Rain Showers and Blueberry Picking

Lindsay, Cailin, Lexie and Logan out in a pouring rainstorm.
Today, we headed south towards Gainsville Florida to our little secret organic blueberry farm. We are usually the only people there and today was no exception. Just the Blueberry Lady who owns the place and our group of friends. Logan, Brenna, Lindsay and I picked 11 pounds of blueberries (with a few blackberries thrown in) in just over an hour.

Logan and Lindsay
Logan is making blueberry cobbler and said it will be ready when Brenna and I get home from the pottery studio. Very fun day. I look forward to our blueberry picking days all year long. I just love summer.

Thoughts on Enduring Friendships and Missing My Brother

My friend, Bill, painted this picture and gave it to me a couple of years ago. He wanted me to choose one that he painted more recently because he didn't think this one represented the artist he is now. I insisted on this picture and it hangs in my home office where I see it everyday. I like it because of the colors. I especially love the watermelon colored New Mexico mountains against that blue blue sky. It reminds me of New Mexico but more importantly, it reminds me of Bill.

We met when we were 16 while in high school and have been friends now for almost 40 years. Sheesh! 40 years! We graduated high school in 1970, shared highs (pun intended) and lows, college days (even sharing a house together one time), marriages, divorces, having children, and now his grandchildren, the death of my brother, and just last summer, the death of his partner. Along the way, we've laughed more than we've cried and I know he is always only a phone call away to listen, cheer me up or k…

And What About Prom?

So, to answer the burning question that seems to come up at every unschooling conference (especially the teen panel).....And what about prom? Yes, some unschooled teens do go to prom. However, it certainly isn't something Brenna ever aspired to do and I imagine wouldn't have given it a second thought if the opportunity hadn't presented itself. .

When her boyfriend, Beau, invited her to his high school prom, she was excited to do the whole dress, hair, (but no limo or manicure) thing. She has a whole story about it which basically is that the prom was horrendous but the getting dressed up and dinner was fun. She seemed to look at it all as a sociological observation into behaviors at an elite high school event and I'm imagine it will be material for an upcoming speech or chapter in a book she writes. For me, it was a great photo opportunity and enlightening to hear her unique unschooled perspective.

Busy May

May was a whirlwind! Here's a sampling of pictures of places, people and things we did.................

Logan made a globe puzzle in a marathon puzzle day

Ethan, Kristle and Skip came to visit from New Mexico

Brenna and Chelsea had a commencement celebration

Our family went on a wonderful vacation to the Pacific Northwest.This is Brenna and Logan with Mt. Ranier in the background.

Floridians and snow.....gotta love it!

First time at the Pacific Ocean for both Brenna and Logan

Brenna and I at Sunnyside Up in Corvalis, Oregon
A "UnBalloon" Funshop at the Life is Good Unschooling Conference
Vancouver, Washington

Logan, Chloe, MJ and Mateo at the LIG picnic

It was all such, friends both old and new, adventures and lots of wonderful memories.