And What About Prom?

So, to answer the burning question that seems to come up at every unschooling conference (especially the teen panel).....And what about prom? Yes, some unschooled teens do go to prom. However, it certainly isn't something Brenna ever aspired to do and I imagine wouldn't have given it a second thought if the opportunity hadn't presented itself.

When her boyfriend, Beau, invited her to his high school prom, she was excited to do the whole dress, hair, (but no limo or manicure) thing. She has a whole story about it which basically is that the prom was horrendous but the getting dressed up and dinner was fun.
She seemed to look at it all as a sociological observation into behaviors at an elite high school event and I'm imagine it will be material for an upcoming speech or chapter in a book she writes.
For me, it was a great photo opportunity and enlightening to hear her unique unschooled perspective.


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