Brenna's Summer Adventure

Almost Ready

I tried to get a picture of her driving away down our little road but I missed it. Could have been that I was already missing her and couldn't get the camera to work. At the last minute, with hugs and a few tears, we wished her "safe journey" and she headed out.

Brenna has been planning a summer trip for several months and it finally came together for her as she drove north from Jacksonville with plans to be gone for two weeks.

First stop was to spend the night with our friends, Kelly and Ben Lovejoy.
It was only about a five hour drive but she took a bit longer to get better gas mileage. She wanted to completely pay for the trip herself so is on quite a tight budget. She said she had a lovely visit with the Lovejoys with dinner made from food from their amazing garden and yesterday morning headed out for the next leg of her journey.

She drove up through North Carolina and Virgina and arrived at Danielle Conger's home yesterday evening. The Congers have a small organic farm close to Hagerstown, Maryland and Brenna has wanted to visit there and help out for a few days. She called last night to say that the farm was very cool and that Danielle's kids had greeted her with "Brenna's here! Brenna's here!" She played jacks and braided hair and had plans to get up early to help with milking the cow this morning.

The Lovejoys and Congers are some of our friends that we've met through unschooling conferences and I am so thankful for their friendship. In spite of being a little uneasy about Brenna driving all that way alone, I'm so comfortable knowing that she is staying with them. Our unschooling connections all across the country just continually amaze me and seem to grow and grow. They are familes that I trust with my children because they are such mindful peaceful parents and absolutely so fun to hang out with.

Next Monday, Brenna will pick up her boyfriend, Beau, at the Baltimore/Washington Airport and they will drive into New York City to stay at a hostel for a few days and explore the city before heading home. Both Brenna and Beau have a love for musical theatre so are hoping to go to a show or two and visit some museums.

Brenna has phone numbers for other unschooling families not far from New York in case she needs any advice or help along the way. She also has very detailed plans she worked on for weeks that include all her reservation numbers, parking garage and mapquest information.

I know that I would never have had the maturity, experience or confidence at 18 or probably even at 30 or really even now to take a trip by myself like she has planned. Our unschooling lifestyle, that has fostered her independence through our trust in her every small step of the way, has allowed her to blossom into this creative, responsible and adventurous young woman. Not to mention beautiful and amazing and that I love her so much!

Wishing you the most stunning adventure, Brenna. Safe journey and we'll see you on June 29!


Sandra Dodd said…
I really enjoyed reading all this about Brenna's trip, partly because I know everyone mentioned (except Beau, and I figure I'll get a chance to meet him at some point). I like it because it reminds me so much of Kirby, too. How thoughtful and careful these kids are!

A bunch of Austin unschoolers were out at a restaurant in May and happened to see Kirby. They were excited, and Kirby's friends were quite impressed that a bunch of locals knew him and jumped up and hugged him. I suppose it only helped his reputation that there were teenaged girls in the group.

Their lives are different in magical sparkly ways.
Cid said…
We were so happy to meet you and Brenna at LIG :) her reading at the talent show brought my hubby and I both to tears...if you all are ever needing a couch to sleep on in Central CA, let us know ;) we always have plenty of food and love to share!!

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