Busy May

May was a whirlwind! Here's a sampling of pictures of places, people and things we did.................

Logan made a globe puzzle in a marathon puzzle day

Ethan, Kristle and Skip came to visit from New Mexico

Brenna and Chelsea had a commencement celebration

Our family went on a wonderful vacation to the Pacific Northwest.This is Brenna and Logan with Mt. Ranier in the background.

Floridians and snow.....gotta love it!

First time at the Pacific Ocean for both Brenna and Logan

Brenna and I at Sunnyside Up in Corvalis, Oregon

A "UnBalloon" Funshop at the Life is Good Unschooling Conference

Vancouver, Washington

Logan, Chloe, MJ and Mateo at the LIG picnic

It was all such fun....family, friends both old and new, adventures
and lots of wonderful memories.
Here's to summer and all that it will be bring. Perhaps even more than one blog entry a month!


Madeline said…
Gail! That was awesome. How great that you got to go to Life is Good. I am amazed at Logan's globe puzzle as well. Jesse loves puzzles and will be blown away by that one. He's going to idolize Logan even more.

Definitely post more than once a month. Once a week?
gail said…
The globe puzzle is just like a real globe when it's finished. We found it at Barnes and Noble. I highly recommend it.

I am going to post more often!

Did I tell you that you are on my vision board to visit? It will happen!

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