Logan Drives!

Logan got his learners permit today and drove us to the grocery store. I am proud to say that I didn't suck all the air out of the van as he drove and we arrived home safely.


Alyse said…
Hi Gail!

Alyse from Hawaii here. I have thought about you and your family often since LIG and was thrilled to see your blog on the database. I just wanted to say hi and let you know how much it meant to me that you guys always asked me to join you at talks and such at the conference. You were so open and welcoming and gracious and it is one of my sweet memories from the whole great experience. You all eased my socially stifled soul! I am still feeling the glow.

Congrats to Logan- that's a major life milestone! And congrats to you for leaving some oxygen for the others to enjoy;)

Aloha~ Alyse
Madeline said…
How exciting that you have kids old enough to drive and have adventures like Brenna's. AND, I'm sure, that even with grounded great kids like yours it's kind of scary.
kelli said…
Tell Logan Congrats!! from us :)

Alec is planning on started driver's ed once we settle. It's an exciting time of life, isn't it.
Sandra Dodd said…
I am *SO* retired now from the mom-as-chauffeur phase, since Holly got her full license last month. Woohoo!! Now they drive me around.

Congratulations, Logan!

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