Our Full Vision Board

Month's ago, we started a vision board. It's just a small blank magnetic white board on our refrigerator and it quickly filled up with some small and big dreams for visitors, traveling, things that we wanted to bring into our lives. Lately, I've been squeezing in more things because I didn't want to erase the visible reminder of all the wonderful moments when our visions became reality.

We started encircling and decorating those words as they came true and now it looks like this -------

I've been squeezing in some new visions....like Mark - Job- Jacksonville in the hopes that Brenna and Logan's dad will get a job here so he doesn't have to move away from the kids. Today, I realized that I wanted to add something and didn't have any more space....so I'm just going to get another board and I can always go back and recycle this one when I'm ready.

Brenna just circled her Summer Travel vision when she arrived home from New York on Saturday night and so I'll post soon with some of her pictures and adventures.


Jeff said…
WOW - what a great idea! We're gonna have to start one now :-)

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