Rain Showers and Blueberry Picking

Lindsay, Cailin, Lexie and Logan out in a pouring rainstorm.
Today, we headed south towards Gainsville Florida to our little secret organic blueberry farm. We are usually the only people there and today was no exception. Just the Blueberry Lady who owns the place and our group of friends. Logan, Brenna, Lindsay and I picked 11 pounds of blueberries (with a few blackberries thrown in) in just over an hour.

Logan and Lindsay

Logan is making blueberry cobbler and said it will be ready when Brenna and I get home from the pottery studio. Very fun day. I look forward to our blueberry picking days all year long. I just love summer.


Madeline said…
I can't wait for blueberries to be ready here! We finally have some at our farm. We've always gone to pick-your-owns and that's been great too.

Jesse saw the picture of Logan and friends in the rain. He has a thing about rain, is sometimes dramatically afraid of thunderstorms (like last night). He saw the picture and said "I think I'm going to get over my fear of rain. That looks so cool!" : )

Logan, once again paving the way for Jesse's adventures.
Beachbum said…
Savor some for me! When we were in TN, a friend went with us and we picked 150 lbs of blueberries. Enough for the whole year! Of course, it took more than an hour. Yummmmmmmm.
Madeline said…
Gail, I had to come back and report that we had rain that day for the first time in probably five weeks and Jesse went out in it and played! yay!

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