Thoughts on Enduring Friendships and Missing My Brother

My friend, Bill, painted this picture and gave it to me a couple of years ago. He wanted me to choose one that he painted more recently because he didn't think this one represented the artist he is now. I insisted on this picture and it hangs in my home office where I see it everyday. I like it because of the colors. I especially love the watermelon colored New Mexico mountains against that blue blue sky. It reminds me of New Mexico but more importantly, it reminds me of Bill.

We met when we were 16 while in high school and have been friends now for almost 40 years. Sheesh! 40 years! We graduated high school in 1970, shared highs (pun intended) and lows, college days (even sharing a house together one time), marriages, divorces, having children, and now his grandchildren, the death of my brother, and just last summer, the death of his partner. Along the way, we've laughed more than we've cried and I know he is always only a phone call away to listen, cheer me up or kick me in the ass if I needed it.

We've lived in different states since we were in our 20's, have completely opposite political views, and sometimes don't see each other for years. However, our friendship has endured. I'm reminded today (and every day) of my brother, Don, who died on June 10 three years ago. I didn't tell him how much he meant to me before he died because I thought I had lots of time. So today, I want to say to Bill,..."I treasure your friendship and I'm thankful for your presence in my life. Your love and laughter brings me such joy."

Brenna has a special relationship with her friend, Cameron, that reminds me so much of the bond that Bill and I formed so many years ago. I don't think they come along too often in a lifetime. I hope for them the kind of friendship I've been lucky enough to have known with my friend, Bill.

So, this is for Bill and Don and Cameron. Amazing men. True friends.


kelli said…
aw Gail, you brought tears to my eyes. That was beautiful.
Beachbum said…
Speaking of those we love and should let them you dear newish friend...loves

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