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Evidence of Logan

Logan's door...usually closed to keep out the cats and dog but he's always happy to see me when I stop in to visit.
Logan is building a computer with spare parts from around the house.

His "office" chair. He plans on using the old guitar propped on the wall as a case for the computer. Spot, his stufffed dog from when he was a toddler fell out of a basket full of stuffed animals and seems to be standing guard (or laying guard) in front of the computer.

Logan really doesn't like having his picture taken so I try to honor that by not pestering him too much for a picture. He really is here with us and happily busy. He was off fishing with Broc and his two stepbrothers a few days ago, so I took a couple of pictures of evidence that he is alive and well!

Happy Learn Nothing Day

I woke up and rushed off to make my 8:30 yoga class completely forgetting it was Learn Nothing Day and wouldn't you know that I learned how to do the Crow pose. Right in the middle of balancing and feeling so impressed with myself because it's something I've been trying for quite some time, I remembered! It was too late to unlearn it and already I had blown my chance at learning nothing before I even had breakfast!

Re-creation of my learning the Crow pose
So I had breakfast and made up my mind that there would be no more learning but there is this new social networking site called Radical Unschoolers Network and how could I not read all those messages and figure out how to connect with my peeps? Damn. More learning.

And on and on. I may take a nap, though, and try for a Learn Nothing Hour. Hopefully, I won't dream cause it seems like I learn something everytime I dream. And then Brenna and I have pottery class. I guess we could not go but…


This is our jigsaw puzzle table and it often has a puzzle in progress along with some cookie, cereal or cracker crumbs from one of us eating while we are puzzling. I just asked Brenna why that wasn't correct...To say..."I am puzzling" when you are putting together a puzzle. When you play a video game, you can say "I'm gaming." So this is a question for anyone reading this blog because it's puzzling to me!

So again, not the reason for this post. I really just like the way the pictures of Brenna and Broc and our hummingbird puzzle turned out. It's usually Logan and Broc at the puzzle table and very rarely Brenna and I. I did help out with this one though and Logan didn't do much on it because he's been very busy building a computer from some old parts he found around the house. On the wall behind Broc is our map where we draw in all the places we visit and put markers with unschooling families we know. It's very cool to visualize where they…

Pot Pictures

In January, Brenna and I took a wheel throwing pottery class at a place called Wild Ginger. Just one 6 week class that has blossomed into an entirely new passion for us both. We're now on our 3rd class and probably spend 10 - 20 hours each week out at the studio.
Brenna's Butter Dish

Gail's Agate Creamer

I love the glaze on this two piece pot of Brenna's

One of Brenna's early pieces

Apple Baker by Brenna

Our Pot Collection So Far We've given away several pots and have many more still out at the studio. It's been interesting to watch our progress and to see the difference in creativity and final results. I'm still working on learning some of the basic steps to throwing but am finally seeing some improvement and am very happy with some of my recent pieces. None of the them are pictured here but I should have them home soon. Brenna has been a joy to watch. She spent a lot of hours at the studio early on and is doing some absolutely beautiful pieces. She loves …

Our Sock Fireplace

I wrote this post back in 2008!  I recently was searching for this photo in my albums and couldn't find it so I'm bringing the whole post here again.  Happy Times.  So Many Socks.  These kiddos are all grown up now but I love them all and remember all those fun summers together.

Phot from 2004 of Broc and I and all FIVE of the kids and SocksOver on the Always Unschooled yahoo list, there has been some discussion of socks. I haven't read the whole thread but it seems to be about a parent complaining about lost socks or perhaps dirty socks that they have to take care of and Schuyler responded with this:

I honestly will have a hard time keeping him in clean socks if I don't have some cooperation from him.-----------------"What does that mean? It's summer, right? It isn't much of a season for socks,clean or otherwise. Go buy tons of socks, find them on sale, don't worry about quality, get quantity. Put them near the washing …

Our 4th of July Weekend

Some of Brenna's friends slept over Friday night after we all went to see Fireworks on the St. Johns River. Way early for us on Saturday morning while all the kids were still sleeping, Broc and I went to our favorite little organic blueberry farm and picked 9 pounds of blueberries. It was the perfect morning, still a bit cool by Florida standards and we both enjoyed just having some time together and looking forward to our blueberry cobbler for dinner.

Broc picked this one!

I think it's already all gone!

Brenna at the Fireworks Show

Logan and Cailin ready for the Firework Show

Brenna's Trip Highlights

Well, not all the highlights because she has some wonderful stories of her time in New York also. However, these were on her camera and apparently she really was impressed by one of the pigs. The first two are of Brenna with Danielle's girls, Julia and Emily. Then the cow, Bella, some pigs and some pig parts.

I probably would have taken this picture too.