Brenna's Trip Highlights

Well, not all the highlights because she has some wonderful stories of her time in New York also. However, these were on her camera and apparently she really was impressed by one of the pigs. The first two are of Brenna with Danielle's girls, Julia and Emily. Then the cow, Bella, some pigs and some pig parts.

I probably would have taken this picture too.


Madeline said…
What fabulous pictures! We can't wait to get to Danielle's farm some day too. So, is Brenna still wanting to farm? Is she with WOOF?
Alex Polikowsky said…
Hey maybe Breanna would like to come visit our cows and guinea pigs sometime???!!!!!!!!!!
gail said…
She is still very interested in farming and just loved her time at Danielle's. She's not on the WOOF list but does know about it. We can't wait to see you farm!
gail said…
Madeline, I meant see YOUR farm...not see YOU farm....(although that would be fun also!)

Alex, I'm sure Brenna would love to visit your cows also! She has always lived in big cities and really would love to live on a farm while I grew up in a rural area with horses, cows, sheep. We did have chickens for awhile but that's another story!
Alex Polikowsky said…
You are all welcome anytime!!!
What about chickens??
I don't have any yet but I love them!
Danielle said…
OMG, too funny! I didn't even know you blogged. I just popped into the Shine list and saw your sig line.

We loved having Brenna stay with us, and she is, of course, welcome back any time. I feel very lucky that we got to play host when there are so many other wonderful unschooling farms out there to choose from.

I hope she's settling in well at college, and I wish we could have been there to hear her sing!

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