Evidence of Logan

Logan's door...usually closed to keep out the cats and dog but he's always happy to see me when I stop in to visit.
Logan is building a computer with spare parts from around the house.

His "office" chair. He plans on using the old guitar propped on the wall as a case for the computer. Spot, his stufffed dog from when he was a toddler fell out of a basket full of stuffed animals and seems to be standing guard (or laying guard) in front of the computer.

Logan really doesn't like having his picture taken so I try to honor that by not pestering him too much for a picture. He really is here with us and happily busy. He was off fishing with Broc and his two stepbrothers a few days ago, so I took a couple of pictures of evidence that he is alive and well!


Ronnie said…
I love Logan's door! MJ and Chloe both have interesting doors, too. Hmm, an idea for my daily photo...

Give my husband a hug for me! :-)

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