Happy Learn Nothing Day

I woke up and rushed off to make my 8:30 yoga class completely forgetting it was Learn Nothing Day and wouldn't you know that I learned how to do the Crow pose. Right in the middle of balancing and feeling so impressed with myself because it's something I've been trying for quite some time, I remembered! It was too late to unlearn it and already I had blown my chance at learning nothing before I even had breakfast!

Re-creation of my learning the Crow pose

So I had breakfast and made up my mind that there would be no more learning but there is this new social networking site called Radical Unschoolers Network and how could I not read all those messages and figure out how to connect with my peeps? Damn. More learning.

And on and on. I may take a nap, though, and try for a Learn Nothing Hour. Hopefully, I won't dream cause it seems like I learn something everytime I dream. And then Brenna and I have pottery class. I guess we could not go but we'd miss out on so much fun. Maybe we'll just go and try our best not to learn.

I'm hoping to have another chance next year when it rolls around because it seems like a great holiday and I'm so glad Sandra invented it. I think it's going to catch on. Next year, I'm going to try harder and at least not learn anything until I've had my coffee.

Hoping you all had a wonderful day learning nothing! And Wishing Sandra a very Happy Birthday. We're very glad she was born!


Sandra Dodd said…
Wow, Gail... that's some cool position! Glad for the photo.
Madeline said…
WOW! I am so impressed. I want to learn that too.
Frank said…
I could do that position 40 years and 40 pounds ago when I was a competitive gymnast. Today... well, maybe I won't try it today. (grin)

I failed miserably at LND. Maybe I'll do better next year.
Bill said…
Hi Gail great position, and why have I not heard about learn nothing day? I can learn nothing.
Alex Polikowsky said…
Wow!!!You rock!!!!That is a hard one.

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