Our 4th of July Weekend

Some of Brenna's friends slept over Friday night after we all went to see Fireworks on the St. Johns River. Way early for us on Saturday morning while all the kids were still sleeping, Broc and I went to our favorite little organic blueberry farm and picked 9 pounds of blueberries. It was the perfect morning, still a bit cool by Florida standards and we both enjoyed just having some time together and looking forward to our blueberry cobbler for dinner.

Broc picked this one!

I think it's already all gone!

Brenna at the Fireworks Show

Logan and Cailin ready for the Firework Show


Sandra Dodd said…
And Broc's shirt matches the blueberries! Monday I had about a handful of blueberries, and I have a shirt like that :-).

And I counted those blueberries (well, I visually counted how many little half-pint containers that might be) and I think in New Mexico "don't touch those if you're not buying them" blueberry terms, that's about $120 worth of blueberries!! Never seen such a thing. But it's like someone taking a photo of them buried in money (a chance we offered Holly, when we took out a bunch of cash to buy Marty's Jeep, but she declined).

Blueberry cobbler photos.

Who would've predicted, 150 years ago, that if people could send photos around the world in seconds, they would photograph their food?? (I do it all the time, and I love food photos.)
gail said…
It's one of his favorite shirts!
Enjoy those few blueberries...Ours were $2.00 a pound and really worth the drive out there which takes about an hour. Also, worth it was the sound of some younger kids happily picking berries on another row and the sounds of Broc saying.."I just love this!...its one of my favorite things we do all year" We still have blueberries in the fridge but they are going quickly.

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