Pot Pictures

In January, Brenna and I took a wheel throwing pottery class at a place called Wild Ginger. Just one 6 week class that has blossomed into an entirely new passion for us both. We're now on our 3rd class and probably spend 10 - 20 hours each week out at the studio.
Brenna's Butter Dish

Gail's Agate Creamer

I love the glaze on this two piece pot of Brenna's

One of Brenna's early pieces

Apple Baker by Brenna

Our Pot Collection So Far
We've given away several pots and have many more still out at the studio. It's been interesting to watch our progress and to see the difference in creativity and final results. I'm still working on learning some of the basic steps to throwing but am finally seeing some improvement and am very happy with some of my recent pieces. None of the them are pictured here but I should have them home soon.
Brenna has been a joy to watch. She spent a lot of hours at the studio early on and is doing some absolutely beautiful pieces. She loves it so much that she's already looking for a studio close to the college that she's going to in the fall.
It's been cool for me to see her natural enthusiasm and talent that is not tempered by the apprehension I have experienced at trying this new art form. I've found it quite challenging. She seems to have found it joyful and empowering. Both of us just love the entire process and can't wait to get back to the studio during the week between classes.
There's been a discussion on the Imagination Tribe yahoo group this week about creativity. What is artistic creativity? How can we foster creativity in ourselves and our children? Were some of us creative as children and then lost our confidence in school or other situations?
I have watched Brenna's seemingly natural talent with this art form. How much of that is confidence in herself? And why is it so painstakingly difficult for me when I absolutely love it? Confidence again? Or lack of a natural talent? Or maybe more to unlearn before I can be open to learning something requiring unusual body and muscle positions and movement? Or is age? A combination of all of that?
Doesn't really matter because it is so fun, a wonderful way to spend time together....And guess what family and friends are getting for Christmas!


Sandra Dodd said…
Long ago I did pottery. I loved to do tiles. You can stick leaves in the wet clay and leave them and they'll burn out in the first firing. Then the glaze will go really deep on that spot (if it's on a flat place). Ivy leaves worked great.

Those photos and that pottery are beautiful.
Deanne said…
What beautiful pottery pieces! Maybe I can score one at the L&L conference raffle? ;)
gail said…
The leaves in tile sounds like such a cool idea. I had read somewhere about putting in rice for an interesting texture but I like the leaf idea better.
gail said…
I'm sure we'll have a few pieces at Live and Learn. Brenna has made a plate that isn't out of the kiln yet that says "Live and Learn".
Madeline said…
These are beautiful. I hope you sell some at the untrepreneurial fair. I love buying art form unschooling moms who inspire me. : )

I went to an intensive week long class, before I had kids, to learn pottery and had so much trouble with it. I found it very frustrating. It is interesting how much easier it is for our unschooled children to go for it.
Alex Polikowsky said…
LOL When I opened your blog I could immediately read "Pot Pictures" before the pictures actually opened. Needles to say I expected to see some green !!!
I have a lot of Minnesota weed growing wild in the pasture were the cows are ( my backyard)....
it is just good old hemp!

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