This is our jigsaw puzzle table and it often has a puzzle in progress along with some cookie, cereal or cracker crumbs from one of us eating while we are puzzling. I just asked Brenna why that wasn't correct...To say..."I am puzzling" when you are putting together a puzzle. When you play a video game, you can say "I'm gaming." So this is a question for anyone reading this blog because it's puzzling to me!

So again, not the reason for this post. I really just like the way the pictures of Brenna and Broc and our hummingbird puzzle turned out. It's usually Logan and Broc at the puzzle table and very rarely Brenna and I. I did help out with this one though and Logan didn't do much on it because he's been very busy building a computer from some old parts he found around the house.
On the wall behind Broc is our map where we draw in all the places we visit and put markers with unschooling families we know. It's very cool to visualize where they live and realize the connections we have all over the country.
If you look carefully, you can see a marker at about the 1:00 position above Broc's head. That's where we live! Come visit.


Frank said…
Speaking of your offer to receive visitors...

Hi! We met at LIFEisGood. I'm Chloe and MJ's dad, the guy who spent a lotta time at the Instant Gratification Table. I'll be flying into JAX on Monday, 7/28, and spending a coupla days in or near St. Augustine before taking a sailboat around Florida and across the Gulf of Mexico to New Orleans with my old college buddy.

I don't even know if there'll be time to fit in a visit but maybe lunch or something?

My phone# is in the LIFEisGood conference directory: MAIER family and/or I'll call or email y'all using your directory info.
gail said…
How cool!! We'd love to meet you for lunch or anything that would work with your schedule. You'll be going very close by our house on your way from the airport to St. Augustine. Do you need a ride? I'll e-mail you.
Jeff said…
Having gotten to know your family a bit over the last few years, I'd say "yes" - you are indeed puzzling! Does that help? :-)
Mandaroo said…
What a lovely puzzle! I love hummingbirds.
We "puzzlers" here too. Just picked up some Pokemon puzzles at the thrift store yesterday that we are "puzzling" over!
Sandra Dodd said…
We go through phases, and lately it has been jigsaw puzzle time.

When I was in England a few years back with Holly, I bought jigsaw puzzles at Oxfam shops. Stuff we couldn't have gotten here. And one of a gypsy wagon (in Portugal, not England) was finished last night by some friends of Kirby's and Marty's. So I noted that and then we took it apart so they could play castle blocks on the table.

Inside the box lids of the used puzzles we do, I write who worked it when, and whether any pieces were missing. Then we put the pieces in a gallon ziploc bag so they're less likely to get lost. (Or quart, for a small puzzle, and sometimes we keep the border pieces in their own bag, if we're in the mood to do that.) Some have been worked three times (according to the notes) and it's really nice to be reminded who was over when we worked it the time before.

I love the conversations that come up over puzzles--sometimes about the picture or the puzzles, and often not.

We have a puzzle of the painting "Children's Games" by Brueghel (sp?) and it's cool to find little details we hadn't seen on the poster (which is laminated and occasionally on the wall).
gail said…
We usuallly get so attached to the puzzles that we either glue them together and they get framed or they go on poster board and are placed on top of the huge pile of other puzzles on poster board on top of the computer armoire. I keep the boxes and after a couple of years I may put them back in the box. I should look and see how many we have up there right now.

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