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Brenna's Home Away From Home

Brenna is settling into her life at New College although she came home for the three day weekend so we could have her birthday celebration with all our family. It's about a 4 hour drive and we were all so happy to hear her singing and see her smiling face for a few days.
She took her bike and because it's such a small campus she can ride or walk to all her classes. She scrambling getting caught up with everything because she flies up to meet us on Wednesday at the last Live and Learn Conference in Black Mountain, North Carolina. She's speaking and I haven't heard the speech yet so I'm taking some tissues! I seem to be going through those the past couple of weeks!
Broc took this picture before all the tears started. We were a mess!! I'm so excited for her new adventure and know that she walks forward with such confidence. She'll be 19 on September 7 and she continues to just light up my life every day. Should be quite the party at L & L!


When I'm feeling stressed, my obsessive compulsive nature kicks in and I clean! So after coming home from leaving Brenna at college, I cleaned house for two straight days. I'm talking cleaning like you may have never seen! All surfaces can be eaten on and there is nothing that has not be touched and organized and sanitized. I even used a hair dryer (Logan's great idea) to melt the wax and clean it off the fireplace hearth. In the course of all that crazed activity, I came upon a forgotten journal from 10 years ago and found this entry.

November 17, 1998 ---"A couple of days ago, I was walking with Logan across a shopping center parking lot hand in hand. He looked up at me and said, "You know, I've always liked you." Oh my. My then five year old boy is now 15. We're both doing okay here and above is a picture of my boy on his 5th birthday and this is a picture of him now. You know, I've always liked him too.

Fay and Brenna Have Left the Building

We're home.No pictures right now but Fay has moved out of the Jacksonville area although we are still having some lingering rain. Our yard is covered in tree limbs but no damage to anything.

A bit of damage to our hearts, however. Yesterday was truly a tough day for our family. Brenna is at New College and Broc, Logan and I are back home.

I'll post more of my thoughts when I've had a bit more time to process it all. For now, I'll just say that we are home and are all missing each other.

Thank you all for your good wishes and thoughts. It also helps Brenna and us to know that we will be seeing so many of you in just a few days at Live and Learn.

My heartfelt recommendation is that if your child wants to go to college...only apply to those close enough to have lunch with them!

Fay is Headed Our Way

We had plans to leave early today to drive Brenna to college in Sarasota from our home in Jacksonville, Florida. However, Tropical Storm Fay made land a bit south of her college this morning so we have been waiting to see what it will do. The college postponed orientation for one day so we've enjoyed one more day just hanging out together. I was quite happy to have her with us a bit longer.

Currently, on Tuesday evening, Fay is crossing from the west to east coast of Florida. It is projected to hit water on the east coast south of us. Forecasts are calling for it to then strengthen to a Category 1 hurricane and head directly for Jacksonville on Thursday.

Schools are closing and emergency preparations are under way in case this does occur. Our plans are to head to Sarasota tomorrow morning so we will be clear of the storm and it will have moved out of that area when we are moving her in to college.

That does leave the risk of our home being damaged but we will make it as secure a…

Brenna Sings

When Brenna was 12, she was in a summer musical production of Annie and met a woman named Michelle Nugent who was directing the summer camp. Brenna played the part of Mrs. Hannigan and belted out her song with great enthusiasm and dramatic flair. Michelle was a voice teacher and Brenna asked if she could take voice lessons from her. She's been singing with Michelle since then as well as singing in the shower, in multiple drama productions and open mikes as recently as last weekend at a gathering with some of our unschooling friends.

Almost 7 years later, Michelle asked Brenna if she would do a solo voice recital before she left for college and Saturday night Brenna had her night of singing in front of family and friends in the Moosehaven Chapel in Orange Park. I couldn't begin to explain the pure joy in listening and watching her sing. And of course, we all had to have our pictures taken with her after and I'm not about to leave out any of them!
We surprised Brenna by having…

Happy 9th Anniversary to the Guy who Rocks my World

After 9 years, I'm still amazed and so very happy that you are a part of my life. You light up my life every day and I thank you for sharing your life and your love with me and with Brenna and Logan.

Happy 9th Anniversary With All My Love.... Now get your butt home so we can celebrate!

Just a few more Pictures!

Tim, Abbi and back view of Kelli who I'm sure is laughing hysterically
Check out Brenna's arms in the Suwanee River Water

Kelly and Kelli on the River

The Posed Mom Picture

More from Our Week of Unschoolers

More pictures from our fabulous weekend with The Lovejoys and Traaseths.

We got up very early to go tubing. Brenna and Cameron getting in a bit more sleep before getting on the Ichetucknee River.

Kyra didn't need a tube. She just used her shirt!

Broc, Tyler and Kelly

Cameron chillin'
The Lovejoys with Broc's arms
growing out of Kelly's head

Duncan, Alec, Abbi and Cameron This next pix were on the Suwanee River close by the cabin.


Tradition seems to have developed that we have to have at least one "mooning" on these outings. I'm not saying who this is but it was the Lovejoy van and it wasn't me this time!

Week of Unschoolers! Part One

The Lovejoys, Traaseths, and McBroom/Higgins Gangs

We've had a jam packed week of fun filled visits with some of our favorite friends.... Frank Maier from Washington State and part of the Marvelous Maier family was in the area, The Lovely Lovejoys from South Carolina were in the house, and the Terrific Traaseths formerly known as "MinnesOtans" and now calling Georgia their home.
We kicked last week off with dinner in St. Augustine with Frank and his friend Bob who lives in New Orleans. Bob bought a boat ....a very large sail boat (I don't know much about boats but this was one cool boat!) and he and Frank were meeting up to sail it all the way down Florida on the East Coast and on to New Orleans.

Frank and Bob

Logan on Deck

Ben, Kelly, Cameron and Duncan Lovejoy arrived at our house late Wednesday night and the merriment began. Brenna and Cameron made a grocery store run and came home with a fruit called Rambutan which is one of the best known fruits of southeast Asia.…