Brenna Sings

When Brenna was 12, she was in a summer musical production of Annie and met a woman named Michelle Nugent who was directing the summer camp. Brenna played the part of Mrs. Hannigan and belted out her song with great enthusiasm and dramatic flair. Michelle was a voice teacher and Brenna asked if she could take voice lessons from her. She's been singing with Michelle since then as well as singing in the shower, in multiple drama productions and open mikes as recently as last weekend at a gathering with some of our unschooling friends.

Almost 7 years later, Michelle asked Brenna if she would do a solo voice recital before she left for college and Saturday night Brenna had her night of singing in front of family and friends in the Moosehaven Chapel in Orange Park. I couldn't begin to explain the pure joy in listening and watching her sing. And of course, we all had to have our pictures taken with her after and I'm not about to leave out any of them!
We surprised Brenna by having her grandparents fly in from New Mexico
The program was a difficult one and she had spent the summer rehearsing.
Ombra Mai Fue from "Serse" Handel
C'est Mon Ami
Das Veilchen Mozart
The Sky Above the Roof Ralph Vaughn Williams
The Water is Wide
Don't Cry For Me Argentina From Evita
Nothing From A Chorus Line
For Good From Wicked (She sang this with her cousin, Chelsea and that's when I cried)
Not For the Life of Me From Thoroughly Modern

For an encore she sang "It's in Every One of Us" which she sang at the Life is Good Conference in a group led by Scott Noelle.

I've seen her getting ready for many recitals and plays over the years but this was definitely the most nervous I'd ever seen her.

Until she started singing.

This was during a Broadway piece.

Brenna thanked Logan in her program for his enduring patience over the years of her singing. He and I did know most of the words (except all the Italian, German, and French)
Michelle was just beaming throughout the performance
Delories and Larry - Brenna's grandparents from New Mexico My Mom - Grandma Nita

I only cried once....mostly I was smiling and quietly singing along in my headBroc was quite happy that Brenna sang one of his favorites from "Evita"

Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Brenna's dad, Mark, had a front row seat

Brenna was stunning in every way.

I just love my girl.


Alex Polikowsky said…
Did you record it so you can post her singing for us?
She looked beautiful!
Jeff said…
I don't think I've ever seen someone lopk so HAPPY when they're singing - awesome! Will we get to hear it, too?
kelli said…
Thank you for sharing the night, I can almost summon tears just thinking of her singing "Evita" :)
She has such a beautiful voice.
Sandra Dodd said…
Beeeyoootiful, the story, the photos, the actuality of it. Beautiful getting to share some of your family's experiences all the way out in New Mexico! I'm glad the grandparents got to be there instead of here. :-)
FLO said…
She's radiating! Her singing brought tears to my eyes at L&L so I can imagine how wonderful this recital was. Looking forward to hearing her again.
Madeline said…
wow! Stunning indeed. I ran and got Nicolas to show him too. What a wonderful night. Thanks for sharing it here. I can't wait to hear her speak (and maybe sing?) at L&L.
Cid said…
I'm a singer myself ;) I know what an impressive list of songs that is!! I'm so blessed that I met you all at LIG and can imagine the girl in the pictures singing her heart out...she made both my hubby and I cry with her reading at the talent show...I can only imagine how moving her singing is!

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