Brenna's Home Away From Home

Brenna is settling into her life at New College although she came home for the three day weekend so we could have her birthday celebration with all our family. It's about a 4 hour drive and we were all so happy to hear her singing and see her smiling face for a few days.
She took her bike and because it's such a small campus she can ride or walk to all her classes. She scrambling getting caught up with everything because she flies up to meet us on Wednesday at the last Live and Learn Conference in Black Mountain, North Carolina. She's speaking and I haven't heard the speech yet so I'm taking some tissues! I seem to be going through those the past couple of weeks!
Broc took this picture before all the tears started. We were a mess!! I'm so excited for her new adventure and know that she walks forward with such confidence. She'll be 19 on September 7 and she continues to just light up my life every day. Should be quite the party at L & L!


mindy said…
I love the pictures of you guys in Brenna's apartment/dorm. What a cool new adventure for her. I can only imagine how hard it must be letting her go to spread those wings. We're really looking forward to seeing you and hearing Brenna's speech. By the way, my brother almost went to New College...but ended up at Duke instead.
Laura said…
I know she will do great! :)

If she ever needs anything, we're less than 10 miles away!

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