Fay is Headed Our Way

We had plans to leave early today to drive Brenna to college in Sarasota from our home in Jacksonville, Florida. However, Tropical Storm Fay made land a bit south of her college this morning so we have been waiting to see what it will do. The college postponed orientation for one day so we've enjoyed one more day just hanging out together. I was quite happy to have her with us a bit longer.

Currently, on Tuesday evening, Fay is crossing from the west to east coast of Florida. It is projected to hit water on the east coast south of us. Forecasts are calling for it to then strengthen to a Category 1 hurricane and head directly for Jacksonville on Thursday.

Schools are closing and emergency preparations are under way in case this does occur. Our plans are to head to Sarasota tomorrow morning so we will be clear of the storm and it will have moved out of that area when we are moving her in to college.

That does leave the risk of our home being damaged but we will make it as secure as possible before we leave. In the 12 years we have lived here, we have only had mild wind damage from hurricanes and we are hopeful this will prove to be true this time around.

So...we are safe and we'll be out of the area if the hurricane does hit Jacksonville. Rains from 3 - 9 inches are projected with possible winds up to 75 mph.

I'll post again when we return on Friday or Saturday with pictures of Brenna moving into her dorm.


Jeff said…
My thoughts are with you guys - stay safe, and shout if you need anything.
kelli said…
thinking of you in all of the situations.. change and storms. Hugs to you!
Madeline said…
So many swirling winds and emotions in one week. May everything stay safely grounded.
Frank said…
Sorry for y'all but happy that *I* got out of there with the boat before Fay decided to visit. Take care!

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