Happy 9th Anniversary to the Guy who Rocks my World

After 9 years, I'm still amazed and so very happy that you are a part of my life. You light up my life every day and I thank you for sharing your life and your love with me and with Brenna and Logan.

Happy 9th Anniversary With All My Love.... Now get your butt home so we can celebrate!


Michael said…
Aww, happy anniversary to you both!
Jeff said…
Congrats, guys - you're the best!
Sandra Dodd said…
Here's an anniversary gift for you. There is a certai recent photo of a bunch of unschoolers we know, posed...

Holly clicked it to get the bigger image, covered the face (and so most of the rest of the photo) of that second person from the left, in the front row, in the bikini, and called Marty.

"Guess who this is. It's someone you know." He could see some of the other people in the photo so he had the general idea, and Brenna clearly showed.

"Gail," he guessed.

He was wrong, and he was surprised (stunned) when he saw who it was, but I thought you might appreciate the mistaken identity, Gail!!!

there it is
kelli said…
I'm sorry you guys we're together yesterday but we were sure happy to see him :)

Happy Anniversary to you both!
gail said…
Thanks for the good wishes! Broc gets home about noon today so we're celebrating tonight.

And thanks to Marty for the mistaken identity! That Abbi is one cute girl and I never looked that good in a bikini at any age!
Notice the t-shirt that I didn't take off all day!
Certainly brought a smile to my early morning face today.
Anonymous said…
Happy anniversary! I hope you had a good one! :D
kelli said…
Kyra just pointed out my typo.. oops. I was sorry you **weren't** together! Although I'm sure you knew what I meant ;) (me and my early morning comments.. jeesh *g*)

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