More from Our Week of Unschoolers

More pictures from our fabulous weekend with The Lovejoys and Traaseths.

We got up very early to go tubing. Brenna and Cameron getting in a bit more sleep before getting on the Ichetucknee River.

Kyra didn't need a tube. She just used her shirt!

Broc, Tyler and Kelly

Cameron chillin'
The Lovejoys with Broc's arms
growing out of Kelly's head

Duncan, Alec, Abbi and Cameron
This next pix were on the Suwanee River close by the cabin.


Tradition seems to have developed that we have to have at least one "mooning" on these outings. I'm not saying who this is but it was the Lovejoy van and it wasn't me this time!


mindy said…
I love seeing the Itchetucknee!!! Glad everyone had a great time. We're looking forward to seeing you at L&L!

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