Week of Unschoolers! Part One

The Lovejoys, Traaseths, and McBroom/Higgins Gangs

We've had a jam packed week of fun filled visits with some of our favorite friends.... Frank Maier from Washington State and part of the Marvelous Maier family was in the area, The Lovely Lovejoys from South Carolina were in the house, and the Terrific Traaseths formerly known as "MinnesOtans" and now calling Georgia their home.

We kicked last week off with dinner in St. Augustine with Frank and his friend Bob who lives in New Orleans. Bob bought a boat ....a very large sail boat (I don't know much about boats but this was one cool boat!) and he and Frank were meeting up to sail it all the way down Florida on the East Coast and on to New Orleans.

Frank and Bob

Logan on Deck

Ben, Kelly, Cameron and Duncan Lovejoy arrived at our house late Wednesday night and the merriment began. Brenna and Cameron made a grocery store run and came home with a fruit called Rambutan which is one of the best known fruits of southeast Asia. Brenna seems to think it may be an acquired taste.

Part of Thursday nights entertainment was some singing and dancing by Ben and Broc. They may be taking this show on the road!

Friday morning we packed up our two vans to head to Stephen F. Foster Cutural Folk Center which is a state park in Northern Florida. We were headed there to meet up at two cabins we had rented with The Traaseth Family. Part Two continues with more merriment and much more unschooling fun!


kelli said…
Great pics! And the fruit! *g*
Madeline said…
I hope that Broc and Ben take their show to the L&L stage!
Ronnie said…
Oh, thank you for those! I'm really missing Frank!

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