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Bed, Bike, Yurtcert, Kayaking Weekend!

Brenna at college, Logan and Cameron at NBTSC and Duncan with his grandparents. What to do, What to do? Stay home and tend our gardens? Nah! Paint the house? Too hot. Watch some football? I don't think so! We headed up to North Carolina to meet up with Ben and Kelly at a Bed and Breakfast for the weekend.

On Friday night, the Bed and Bike Inn was hosting musicians, Doug and Telisha Williams at their Yurt for a "yurtcert".

After a lovely evening listening to music and hanging out by the fire, we woke up Saturday morning to head out to the Uwharrie River to kayak. I didn't get up early enough to get a picture but (in keeping with the title of my post) Ben actually went on a 30 mile bicycle ride BEFORE we went to the river. Sheesh.......such a THRILL SEEKER!!! Still love him though. Broc and I had never kayaked before but the river was flowing slowly and we had to worry more about getting stuck on rocks than getting through the rapids. It was FREAKIN' FUN!! I'm rea…

Live and Learn - It's Not Just For Kids

These are some pictures of some of the "older kids" at the Live and Learn Masquerade Ball. It seems to me that across the board, unschooling parents are the most fun, adventurous people we know. They
have chosen to live an unconventional lifestyle that embraces creativity, joy and trust not only in their children but in themselves.

Kelly Lovejoy wrote this in a post to Always Learning in the last week or so

"how much FUN unschooling *parents* are. The PARENTS are FUN.They don't whine about their children, their jobs, their lives. They've undergone this paradigm shift that makes them fun to be around. They're joy-seekers- --joy-FINDERS. They're waaay more willing to try new things, go new places---and just *enjoy* life. Way more so than any other group I've ever been with"
So True. And here's evidence of some of those "joy finders"
Laura, Sadie and Scotty Bowman - That woman loves to dance!!!

Silvia, Madeline, Gail, Kelly and Laura -We …

He Was Only Wearing a Burger King Mask!

Originally uploaded by tjcajun23 I love this picture! It was taken by T.J. at the Live and Learn Conference during Brenna and Cameron's round table chat. She was talking about her experiences at college so far and how she had been surprised by the decision making of some of the incoming students including excessive drinking, drug use, and nudity. Students had been taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and in general the atmosphere the first week had been a bit like "animals let out of the zoo".She told of not being able to sleep one night because of loud screaming coming from the courtyard outside her dorm room. She finally had enough of it and went out to see what was going on and do something about it. She discovered a person dancing nude and screaming with his back to her and as she walked toward him, he turned and she realized he was completely naked...Except for a burger king mask!!She said that she immediately turned around, went back to bed and put a …

Live and Learn 2008

Black Mountain, North Carolina was the location for the 7th and last Live and Learn Unschooling Conference and we were there! It was our 6th L & L conference and every one of them has been unique, fun and the place were we have met so many of our favorite friends. We've traveled to Columbia, South Carolina, Boston, St. Louis, Albuquerque and Black Mountain for the most incredible "times of our lives". We were very excited to know that Brenna would be speaking at the conference and we did a bit of pre-conference advertising for both her and Cameron on our van. She flew into Asheville from New College and I was just so happy to be with her for the weekend. I was quite the proud mom listening and watching her speak. It was All Good! Logan also had a great time hanging out with friends and he also videotaped both Broc and Ben doing The Blues Brothers at the talent show as well as Brenna's speech for us. I didn't have my camera with me much of the time but here are …