Bed, Bike, Yurtcert, Kayaking Weekend!

Brenna at college, Logan and Cameron at NBTSC and Duncan with his grandparents. What to do, What to do? Stay home and tend our gardens? Nah! Paint the house? Too hot. Watch some football? I don't think so! We headed up to North Carolina to meet up with Ben and Kelly at a Bed and Breakfast for the weekend.

On Friday night, the Bed and Bike Inn was hosting musicians, Doug and Telisha Williams at their Yurt for a "yurtcert".

After a lovely evening listening to music and hanging out by the fire, we woke up Saturday morning to head out to the Uwharrie River to kayak.
I didn't get up early enough to get a picture but (in keeping with the title of my post) Ben actually went on a 30 mile bicycle ride BEFORE we went to the river. Sheesh.......such a THRILL SEEKER!!! Still love him though.
Broc and I had never kayaked before but the river was flowing slowly and we had to worry more about getting stuck on rocks than getting through the rapids. It was FREAKIN' FUN!! I'm ready to buy a kayak and a river.

They didn't even ask if we'd ever kayaked before...just stuck us in the boats and said..."Have fun!" I think they also said..."If you tip over, just stand up."

Ellen (the innkeeper), Gail and Kelly

I'm all about safety...... Thinking I needed a lifejacket, I was ready!! Kelly put hers on too and we were ready to head out.
Kelly and I paddling.
A bit of symmetry.
Ben Lovejoy seeking some thrills!

We came upon some rapids.........well not exactly rapids but enough for Broc and Ben to carry their kayaks back up and go over the rocks again.

A most lovely weekend spent with some of our favorite people and next time we'll have the kids with us too.


Bird Colibri said…
These pictures are lovely. I went kayaking a few times as a kid and often think about getting back into it. Your post has me thinking about it once again . . .
Beachbum said…
You guys are too cool! It sounds like so much fun. Glad you got to spend some time with those cool folks.

What kind of music was it?

We saw 2 kayakers go out into the ocean yesterday...and I though...hum, maybe I can do that!
kelli said…
Looks awesome! I love canoeing, but I'm always hesitant when I think of kayaking.. you've inspired me!
Madeline said…
Nicolas has a gift certificate for our family to go canoeing by the end of Sept! I'm glad that you reminded me. I especially love that picture of you and Kelly before you got in.
Madeline said…
Still trying to get in to use our canoeing gift certificate this weekend! Also, I have nominated you far an award. See my blog. : )
mindy said…
OMG! What a fabulous weekend.

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