He Was Only Wearing a Burger King Mask!

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I love this picture! It was taken by T.J. at the Live and Learn Conference during Brenna and Cameron's round table chat.

She was talking about her experiences at college so far and how she had been surprised by the decision making of some of the incoming students including excessive drinking, drug use, and nudity. Students had been taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and in general the atmosphere the first week had been a bit like "animals let out of the zoo".

She told of not being able to sleep one night because of loud screaming coming from the courtyard outside her dorm room. She finally had enough of it and went out to see what was going on and do something about it. She discovered a person dancing nude and screaming with his back to her and as she walked toward him, he turned and she realized he was completely naked...Except for a burger king mask!!

She said that she immediately turned around, went back to bed and put a pillow over her head.

Her point was that so many students were coming to college and just going wild. For many, it is their first experience with making decisions without parents directing and controlling their every move. They have grown up being told when to eat, sleep, and study. They have not been trusted or given the opportunity to learn how to make even the smallest of decisions and now they are facing some big ones with no foundation to fall back on.

It certainly brings into focus the maturity of the unschooled kids we know who have grown up in families where trust and living with principles rather than arbitrary rules is the foundation of our relationships.

I'm not so sure about some of the parents (not mentioning names..but possibly Broc and Ben) might be found in Burger King masks doing their Blues Brother's act! Hopefuly, not in the nude.


mindy said…
I loved this post...it really hits home the idea of freedom, trust and respect that have become our foundation for our unschooling life. Thanks for sharing.
P.S. Let Brenna know I got one of her creamers! I am so happy!
gail said…
I'll tell her. She was thrilled that people liked her pottery pieces. Looking forward to seeing you all at ARGH!
mindy said…
Okay, John just saw the creamer...yes, I just finished unpacking! He loved it and was really impressed with Brenna's pottery/artistic vision. We are proudly using it for our raw cream, affectionately referred to as "Christy Cream", as Christy is the name of the cow we get it from...and she lives next door.

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