Live and Learn 2008

Black Mountain, North Carolina was the location for the 7th and last Live and Learn Unschooling Conference and we were there! It was our 6th L & L conference and every one of them has been unique, fun and the place were we have met so many of our favorite friends. We've traveled to Columbia, South Carolina, Boston, St. Louis, Albuquerque and Black Mountain for the most incredible "times of our lives".
We were very excited to know that Brenna would be speaking at the conference and we did a bit of pre-conference advertising for both her and Cameron on our van. She flew into Asheville from New College and I was just so happy to be with her for the weekend. I was quite the proud mom listening and watching her speak. It was All Good!
Logan also had a great time hanging out with friends and he also videotaped both Broc and Ben doing The Blues Brothers at the talent show as well as Brenna's speech for us.
I didn't have my camera with me much of the time but here are some of my favorite people that I captured.
Steffi and Isabella with their temporary tattoos
Duncan, Quinn, Brenna, Logan, and Quinn
Christine and Kathryn eating some of the famous "James Coburn Ice Cream" at the picnic
It was exhausting! Five joyful days of connections and friends. Our heartfelt thanks to Kelly and Ben for bringing Live and Learn into our lives. It's been a wonderful season for our family and we will remember it always.


FLO said…
I adore your family and Brenna is simply amazing! She brought me to tears with her speech and she is a true testiment to the power of unschooling and amazing mamas. Yay for you all!

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