Live and Learn - It's Not Just For Kids

These are some pictures of some of the "older kids" at the Live and Learn Masquerade Ball. It seems to me that across the board, unschooling parents are the most fun, adventurous people we know. They
have chosen to live an unconventional lifestyle that embraces creativity, joy and trust not only in their children but in themselves.

Kelly Lovejoy wrote this in a post to Always Learning in the last week or so

"how much FUN unschooling *parents* are. The PARENTS are FUN.They don't whine about their children, their jobs, their lives. They've undergone this paradigm shift that makes them fun to be around. They're joy-seekers- --joy-FINDERS. They're waaay more willing to try new things, go new places---and just *enjoy* life. Way more so than any other group I've ever been with"
So True. And here's evidence of some of those "joy finders"
Laura, Sadie and Scotty Bowman - That woman loves to dance!!!

Silvia, Madeline, Gail, Kelly and Laura -We (and a few others) did get up on stage and sing "I Will Survive!" I'm not making this up!

Mindy - This woman can dance too!! She did this awesome hip hop fusion belly dance with her son, Max, in the talent show

The very cool Frank, MJ and Ronnie Maier from Washington State..Love those glasses, Frank. They stopped by Live and Learn on their way to Italy
He was out there dancing a few days after knee surgery...How are you doing Frank??
The Famous Conference Diva and Her equally famous husband
Ben and Kelly Lovejoy -These two know how to have fun! We're headed up to a house concert and kayaking in North Carolina next weekend with them while our kids are off doing some of their own adventuring.

Silvia- One of my favorite costumes!

Ren Allen---She was out there dancing all night, too!

Jeff Sabo- Not at all shy about being creative and having fun

I didn't know who they were at first....It's Kelli and Tim Traaseth (formerly of Minnesota and now I'm happy to say they live in Georgia right beside the house Broc wants to buy.....and live in) I think, however, that would mean moving again. I'm not sure I'm up for that much adventure.

My very favorite "older kids" Cameron Lovejoy and Brenna McBroom
Can you guess who they are?

Broc and Gail
As you can see, Broc just hates costume parties. I'm not sure who he was but it was a bit scary.

Emma and Broc
Would you let your child hug this man? We love Emma and asked her to come stay with us awhile but she had more adventuring to do with her mom and grandma. They were off to do more traveling before heading home to New Mexico.

So many more glimpses from the time at the conference that I didn't get in pictures. Anne and Jake Ohman with their friend, Maeve, singing at the talent show and then all of the family dancing the night away. Broc and Ben doing the Blue's Brother's Soul Man at the talent show. It's on YouTube if you didn't see it the first time. And the Ice Cream Man himself, James Coburn. Broc, Jon Kream and James are now looking for something larger and more extreme to freeze with Nitrogen next time they get together.
I often think .....Who's unschooling who?


laura said…
oh my gosh, i love the pictures!! i am just now doing my L&L post...i've decided to break it down into days so my head won't explode from trying to squeaze it all into one post.

we had a blast. and it's true, unschooling parents really do know how to have fun!!!

looking forward to ARGH!!!!
Zenmomma said…
It all looks like SO. MUCH. FUN! Wish we could have been there. Hope every one of you makes it to LIFE is Good in May.
JoAnn said…
Ahhh, totally wish our family could have gone. What a fun time!!
piscesgrrl said…
Hi Gail, I hopped on over after Ren said you have a blog! I have just started posting about L&L too - one last week, one tonight. I'm not sure, but I think there's a little something on there about you. :-)

Was great to meet you and your delightful family! And I do hope we can meet up if we venture back down to FL in the spring. :)
Madeline said…
I'd never thought about this. you are so right! I love the pictures.

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