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While Broc was Out

We moved into our house almost 3 years ago and this room was Logan's room for awhile. It was bright blue and Broc painted it this color about 2 years ago. He works from a home office and this has been the usual state of his space. It has great natural light and lots of just needed a small little makeover. Tuesday morning..........Yikes. Did I say a small makeover?
Broc is in Kansas City for meetings all week so I have three days...They do those makeover shows in 24 hours...Should be a piece of cake!I love Target. And I found some other things at Michaels and Marshalls. Logan helped me and we assembled 3 cubicle sets and a bookcase. Thursday morning, I organized all the files and put it all together.

I still need to pick up the desk and lateral filing cabinet and put up some blinds. Don't think the home network show will be calling but it should bring a smile or two from Broc when I pick him up later tonight.

A Political Comment

Our Van Logan's Door

Our Refrigerator Door

My Purse

Dia De Los Muertos Art Trade

We're looking forward to next weekend in the mountains of Tennessee. We'll be joining other unschooling families for fun and celebrating Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) at a gathering called ARGH. I've been working on piece for the art trade............

It started with this cool process I learned from my sister, Tami, who does some amazing art projects. It involves collage and Brasso and Floor Wax. Kind of makes you wonder what led to that discovery.......

And speaking of art projects.....Broc has been doing some clay building on the wheel. Here are some of our most recent pieces.....Broc' Salsa Bowl

Brenna's Garlic Keeper which has taken up temporary residence on my kitchen counter with a bit of Garlic in it.

Left and Center are by Gail and the right piece is by Brenna

Broc's Bowl---- He made this after only only a couple of classes!! I started wheel throwing last January and have yet to make a bowl this cool!

We're in the process of looking at pottery whee…

More Weekend Fun with Brenna

I had never even heard of an Air Band Competition but we were in for quite a treat when Brenna asked us to come with her to see some of her friends perform. This is the band "Stuffed Crotch" rockin out.
Taking off shirts seemed to be the rule of the day for the bands without the Rock Band "outfits".

Smiling Brenna

Here with are with Jason, Brenna's friend from the band without his blond wig but still wearing the tights!

The winning band right before they accepted their award of a freshly baked chocolate cake with a guitar design on top

Prayer flags on Brenna's dorm room balcony

Saturday night we went to one of the many local beaches where the sand is mostly quartz and amazingingly white and fine like powdered sugar. Very different than our beaches in Jacksonville. The sun was just setting.

Logan from a distance on the beach

Cool sign from the restaurant where we ate on Saturday night. It was such a fun weekend hanging out with Brenna and meeting some of h…

New College Family Weekend

We spent Family Weekend with Brenna at New College in Sarasota. I must have taken at least 100 pictures....just enough to irritate everyone! So most of these are from Friday and Saturday. I had run out of picture taking tokens by Sunday! It was an awesomely fun weekend. I took the picture above in an artist colony called Knowles Art Place in Sarasota where we explored a bit before heading over to the Air Band Competition at the college.

We ate lunch at this Italian "place" that I think used to be a gas station. The food was amazing!
Broc, Brenna and I went to the Sarasota Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and Brenna met this potter named Kevin who is opening a studio close to New College. Here he is throwing a porcelain bowl. AND!!! I didn't get a picture but we were walking along and I heard someone say..."Gail!" It was Laura who we met at Live and Learn in 2007 with her 3 kids. Unschoolers are Everywhere!!!

Sarasota has an upscale feel..:-) These dogs we…

If You Build It

Today was the day! Keti and I set up an unschooling yahoo group, invited a few people and just like so many unschooling friends have told us.. ...............Build it and They Will Come.

Today we enjoyed a beautiful fall day with our first River City Unschooling gathering.

We would have been thrilled with just our two families but we were also joined by Maria and her two kids who we know from the Live and Learn Conferences as well as some other local parents and children.

There was a bit of Rock Band and Trampoline bouncingDusting off the Go Cart to take a spin on the first cool day of the season (and by cool, I was only 80!)

Our Tire Swing was a big hit!

Making ATC's...Keti, Isabella, Maria and AlmasMaria's beautiful ATC I loved having happy kids of all ages swirling about with such peaceful and mindful parents.
Keti wrote this description as part of our yahoo listing...

"Our guiding principles are trust, respect, kindness and unconditional love toward our childr…