Dia De Los Muertos Art Trade

We're looking forward to next weekend in the mountains of Tennessee. We'll be joining other unschooling families for fun and celebrating Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) at a gathering called ARGH. I've been working on piece for the art trade............

It started with this cool process I learned from my sister, Tami, who does some amazing art projects. It involves collage and Brasso and Floor Wax. Kind of makes you wonder what led to that discovery.......

And speaking of art projects.....Broc has been doing some clay building on the wheel. Here are some of our most recent pieces.....

Broc' Salsa Bowl

Brenna's Garlic Keeper which has taken up temporary residence on my kitchen counter with a bit of Garlic in it.

Left and Center are by Gail and the right piece is by Brenna

Broc's Bowl---- He made this after only only a couple of classes!! I started wheel throwing last January and have yet to make a bowl this cool!

We're in the process of looking at pottery wheels to buy with plans to make some studio space in the house. We have this space in between the kitchen and Brenna's room (which was a garage before we remodeled it) that would be the perfect size.

OR....Brenna wouldn't mind if we put a pottery wheel in the corner of her room to use when she is home from college.

These windows and doors open up to the back yard with lots of natural light and the dresser would easily fit into the walk in closet.

It must be the cooler fall weather.......I'm feeling inspired to do some home projects. Of course, for those of you north of Florida, cool is quite relative. We have our coolest day of the fall projected this coming week with a high of 74...That means sweaters and hats here!


Keti said…
OMG Gail - these pieces are gorgeous! Makes me want to run out tomrrow, get my clay .... and buy a wheel and get busy. You all need to keep throwing!
kelli said…
Those are beautiful Gail! And I love your Dia De Los Muertos work too :)
Beachbum said…
Really, really nice pieces. I love the card you made. I so wish we were going to join you in TN. Have a great time. I think the pottery wheel would look great either place! Kade wants to learn to make those types of pieces, too...so we may join you in the clay maddness.

Misses and hugs from CA (where we are getting cool...like you...)
laura said…
oh i can't wait to try this cool process with you at ARGH!!

love the pottery!! i feel so happy that i have one of brenna's plates in my bathroom with my favorite chokers on it.

i really need to start on my DotD art!!!! oh my!!

see you soon!!!
Michael said…
That is some beautiful pottery work! I'm very impressed.

I'm also blinking and trying to wrap my head around the idea of wearing sweaters and hats in 74F weather. It's in the low 60s here and a lot of people would think me extremely odd for having a hoodie on over my T-shirt!
mindy said…
I love the pottery...and Broc's bowl is amazing! I really want a big platter/bowl...are you guys going to be untreprenurering your wares at ARGH??!!!???

I can't wait for the DoD art trade! Everyone's pieces are so freakin' cool, I want all of them!
Beachbum said…
Miss you...

You all ok?
gail said…
Hi Ginger! We're all good. Heading up to ARGH tomorrow...it's COLD here which is weird. We have these 4 tickets to fly somewhere Airtran flies and are considering coming to San Diego...I'll keep you posted. We miss you guys!

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