If You Build It

Today was the day! Keti and I set up an unschooling yahoo group, invited a few people and just like so many unschooling friends have told us.. ...............Build it and They Will Come.

Today we enjoyed a beautiful fall day with our first River City Unschooling gathering.

We would have been thrilled with just our two families but we were also joined by Maria and her two kids who we know from the Live and Learn Conferences as well as some other local parents and children.

There was a bit of Rock Band and Trampoline bouncingDusting off the Go Cart to take a spin on the first cool day of the season (and by cool, I mean...it was only 80!)

Our Tire Swing was a big hit!

Making ATC's...Keti, Isabella, Maria and AlmasMaria's beautiful ATC
I loved having happy kids of all ages swirling about with such peaceful and mindful parents.
Keti wrote this description as part of our yahoo listing...

"Our guiding principles are trust, respect, kindness and unconditional love toward our children. Trusting our children to know who they are and what they need so they, in turn, trust us is what makes unschooling work. We strive to honor and celebrate our children exactly the way they are, believing that children deserve respect, autonomy and freedom. We seek to nurture peaceful, positive relationships with our kids while expanding ourselves as life-learning facilitators. "
Our day was just filled with celebrating our children and connecting with friends. It was so much fun...we're doing it again next week!


Jeff said…
You're building a tribe - - - how very awesome!
Miranda said…
Yay! I don't know if I was someone who told you they would come, but if you had asked, I would have! Awesome.
Beachbum said…
This makes me want to move! How very, very cool. Say 'hello' from us out west to those we know!
gail said…
Thanks for the comments guys! It was just one of the amazing days for me when everything flows. Funny how connections from Live and Learn and our unschooling lives just have led to so many cool friendships...Like the ones we have with you all.
laura said…
i would've thought you had a tribe there already. wow!!! i'm so excited for you! the tribe we have here makes all the difference in the world!!
Keti said…
Gail - beautiful entry! It really was a ton of fun ... everyone felt so comfortable and free! Can't wait for next week!
kelli said…
Wonderful! I'm so happy for you guys :)

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