More Weekend Fun with Brenna

I had never even heard of an Air Band Competition but we were in for quite a treat when Brenna asked us to come with her to see some of her friends perform. This is the band "Stuffed Crotch" rockin out.
Taking off shirts seemed to be the rule of the day for the bands without the Rock Band "outfits".

Smiling Brenna

Here with are with Jason, Brenna's friend from the band without his blond wig but still wearing the tights!

The winning band right before they accepted their award of a freshly baked chocolate cake with a guitar design on top

Prayer flags on Brenna's dorm room balcony

Saturday night we went to one of the many local beaches where the sand is mostly quartz and amazingingly white and fine like powdered sugar. Very different than our beaches in Jacksonville. The sun was just setting.

Logan from a distance on the beach

Cool sign from the restaurant where we ate on Saturday night.
It was such a fun weekend hanging out with Brenna and meeting some of her friends. New College has this description at their website~~~

"New College of Florida offers you tremendous freedom to explore your personal interests and to achieve your educational goals. Our curriculum emphasizes in-depth, directed study based on the belief that students learn more when they are actively involved in the educational process. We provide an education that broadens your perspective, sharpens your analytical abilities, and develops your intellectual self-reliance."
It's considered the Honors College of Florida but has no grades, students choose or design their own classes depending on their interests and the classes are small (with a total student body of around 700) and discussion based. So far, it seems a good choice for Brenna and she has met some other people there who know about unschooling!


laura said…
no friggin way...a true for real air band!!?? that is so cool!! you take some really great pictures, love the beach shots!

brenna's school sounds so amazing, so very very unschooly. if any of my kids ever express an interest in college, i will tell them about this one for sure!! do they have an art department i wonder. i'll go google it =)
kelli said…
Looks like a great place, an art colony close by, yoga on the beach and a Farmer's market right there! What else could you want? :)
Beachbum said…
What an amazing girl you have! Send her hugs from us...
Frank said…
Hi! Sounds like y'all are having a swell time. We're back from our month-long trip and catching up on... well, EVERYTHING!
Ronnie said…
Hmm. Does the New School take so-called grown-ups?

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