New College Family Weekend

We spent Family Weekend with Brenna at New College in Sarasota. I must have taken at least 100 pictures....just enough to irritate everyone! So most of these are from Friday and Saturday. I had run out of picture taking tokens by Sunday! It was an awesomely fun weekend. I took the picture above in an artist colony called Knowles Art Place in Sarasota where we explored a bit before heading over to the Air Band Competition at the college.

We ate lunch at this Italian "place" that I think used to be a gas station. The food was amazing!
Broc, Brenna and I went to the Sarasota Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and Brenna met this potter named Kevin who is opening a studio close to New College. Here he is throwing a porcelain bowl.
AND!!! I didn't get a picture but we were walking along and I heard someone say..."Gail!" It was Laura who we met at Live and Learn in 2007 with her 3 kids. Unschoolers are Everywhere!!!

Sarasota has an upscale feel..:-) These dogs were out and about with their owners. When I took a picture, the "Mom" said..."Look at Daddy!"
Actually kinda creepy but I took the picture anyway.

Brenna took us to the bay right on campus to watch the Sunset on Friday night. It seems to be a tradition to watch the sunset upside down with people doing yoga in the background....It was absolutely a beautiful sunset.

Broc in the Red Shirt...not sure who the other people are.

Here we are on our way to watch the sunset. I love this walkway across campus with all the palm trees. Brenna said that she walks over most evenings from her dorm (about 5 minutes) to watch the sunset.

Logan, Brenna and Broc

Brenna had a friend participating in the Air Band concert on Saturday so I snapped this picture as we were walking about. Stay tuned tomorrow for more pictures!

At some point, we ate dinner on the bay at this cool Key West kind of place with Reggae music. There was this very cute small rowboat that was named "Row vs Wade" I forgot to get a picture. Next time. Stay tuned tomorrow...More college life and pictures of Brenna, Logan and an Air Band named........"Stuffed Crotch." I think they will be famous for something...............................someday.


laura said…
what a wonderful family get together!!! sounds like an amazing little town...i wanna go there! i absolutely love the tradition of watching the sunset...very cool!

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