While Broc was Out

We moved into our house almost 3 years ago and this room was Logan's room for awhile. It was bright blue and Broc painted it this color about 2 years ago. He works from a home office and this has been the usual state of his space. It has great natural light and lots of room.....it just needed a small little makeover. Tuesday morning..........Yikes. Did I say a small makeover?
Broc is in Kansas City for meetings all week so I have three days...They do those makeover shows in 24 hours...Should be a piece of cake!I love Target. And I found some other things at Michaels and Marshalls.
Logan helped me and we assembled 3 cubicle sets and a bookcase.
Thursday morning, I organized all the files and put it all together.

I still need to pick up the desk and lateral filing cabinet and put up some blinds. Don't think the home network show will be calling but it should bring a smile or two from Broc when I pick him up later tonight.


Beachbum said…
Looks grand! Welcoming and warm...
kelli said…
That's awesome! I bet he'll love it :)
Madeline said…
I wish you had a picture of his reaction. Lucky guy!
Ronnie said…
So? The suspense is killing me! How'd he like his surprise?

Can you come and do my office next?
Beachbum said…
How'd he like it?!

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