ARGH! Unschooling Gathering in Tennessee

I took this on an early morning walk right outside our cabin!

Pictures just can't begun to do justice to the beautiful fall foliage and amazing mountain views when we headed up to Tennessee to meet up with some other unschooling families for a few days.
Here Broc and I are up on top of Roan Mountain. We hiked on a part of the Appalachian Trail and behind us is Tennesse but we are gazing out over the mountains in North Carolina. We were only there a couple of days but hiked to the top of this trail twice.

Ren organized the gathering and here she is working on one of the art projects
More fall leaves. I just couldn't take enough pictures but none of them really captured the depth and beauty of all the colors.
Some of the teens playing a bit of Guitar HeroWe don't have many chances to take pictures of ice by the road in Florida (Ice and a Cute Guy!)
Fairy Godmother Kelly and Isabella
A few of the teens hanging out on one of the porches.
We celebrated Dia De Los Muertos...Here's a picture of Don that I brought for the altar. We also did an art trade.

Here's Ben Lovejoy almost to the top of Roan Mountain. Eight miles up! He said it was way fun going down.

We love these unschooling gatherings and plan our schedules to get to them as often as we can.
It is just so inspiring to spend time with other families who not only are fun to hang out with but have so much trust and respect for each other. Can't wait till next time!


Beachbum said…
How we wish we could have been there too! Thanks for letting us live it a touch vicariously....

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