Cosmic Bowling with RCU

We met up with some of the families from our local unschooling group, The River City Unschoolers, on Friday night for Cosmic Bowling. Lots of fun getting to know each other a bit better on a cold Florida night.

Maria and Carolyn

Keti, Carolyn and Gail
Logan, Adil and most of Isabella
David, Keti and Isabella
Logan and Trevor with Juzer in the background

It's been so fun getting to know some other radical unschooling families that actually live close by! We don't mind traveling to be with our unschooling friends but knowing some in our own neighborhood really is a nice bonus!


Ren said…
It's nice seeing some of the faces from ARGH!:) Cosmic bowling...we need to try that. How fun!
James Hudson said…
Very nice .I like watching the ball come back to me in the little tunnel. Why it do that?

Hope you guys are all having a great fun and enjoy the event. Toronto's best bowling alley

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